Securing Investment for an Ecommerce Fashion Company

We helped this client develop a strong financial plan
that convinced a wavering investor to buy in.

Who was the client?

An online fashion retailer that designs and sells men’s shirts that are made to last.

What was the challenge?

This client was already using our accountancy service when they were approached by a potential investor who had several in-depth financial questions that the company needed help to answer. Rather than risk losing the investment, the client asked us to speak to the investor directly.

How did we help?

When we reviewed the finance plan drawn up by the client’s previous accountant, it was clear that it would not satisfy an investor as it lacked financial scenario planning and stock turnover calculations.

Based on our experience as finance directors and also as investors in ecommerce businesses, we drew up a new finance plan that would satisfy the investor’s queries. The new plan included forecast numbers and financial scenarios such as:

  • assumptions for sales based on expected site visits
  • type of stock to be sold
  • expected return rates

What was the result?

With our new, robust finance plan behind them, this client successfully secured their investment.

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