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Extensive Experience
and Expertise

Benefit from RJF Accountants’ deep knowledge and understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the business world.

The team’s hands-on experience in raising over £10m for start-ups and early-stage businesses in the last 5 years provides a valuable perspective on effective fundraising strategies.

Peace of Mind
in Compliance

RJF Accountants ensures meticulous attention to compliance work for accounting, guaranteeing that you never miss a deadline

Bid farewell to sleepless nights worrying about missed deadlines or spending Sundays sifting through the last 12 months’ receipts and invoices. RJF Accountants takes care of compliance intricacies, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

Utilisation of

The firm employs cutting-edge technology to simplify and streamline accounting processes, making your life easier and more efficient

By leveraging technology, RJF Accountants enhances the accuracy and speed of financial reporting, providing real-time insights into your business’s financial health.

Tax Planning

RJF Accountants proactively identifies tax-efficient ways for you to withdraw money from your business, ensuring you never pay more tax than necessary.

The focus on tax mitigation strategies helps optimise your financial position and enhancesoverall profitability

Risk Management and
Opportunity Identification

The team keeps a vigilant eye on early warning signs of potential issues in your company, allowing for timely interventions and risk mitigation

RJF Accountants also identifies opportunities for growth and development, providing strategic advice to capitalise on positive trends.

One-Stop Shop for
Financial Services

RJF Accountants serves as a comprehensive solution for all your financial needs, eliminating the need to search elsewhere for services related to R&D tax credits, loans, fundraising, finding investors, grants, insurances, SEIS and EIS advance assurance, pitch decks, business plans, and forecasts.


The firm has carefully selected partners to offer additional support in wealth management, legal advice, shareholder protection, IP and patent protection, as well as commercial and personal mortgages.

These strategic partnerships ensure that you have access to a holistic set of services, creating a seamless and integrated approach to your financial well-being.

RJF Accountants
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Kristina WilliamsKristina Williams
16:24 21 Feb 24
We've been using RJF for our accounts, payroll and corporate tax for the last 4 years. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Rob has been a real asset to our business as we embark on a fundraise, he's experience and knowledge is helping us ensure we have everything in order. Thanks Rob and the team at RJF
Tim Richardson
Tim Richardson
16:24 21 Feb 24
RJF are always responsive and professional, replying quickly and providing the support I need as a small business owner. I have used RJF for many years and their commitment to quality has never wavered. Whenever I need to contact them, they are friendly and go above and beyond. The services they provide are always timely and accurate and make my life so much easier.
Debbie Darling
Debbie Darling
16:24 21 Feb 24
The best accountants we've ever used! Efficient, well-informed, excellent communication and great at tax saving hints and tips. The text/email reminders to submit VAT and tax payments are amazing - we never miss a deadline! I can't recommend RJF Accountants highly enough!
Laura Tudor
Laura Tudor
16:24 21 Feb 24
I'm so glad I found RJF Accountants. Rob is such an incredible support and the team have made everything seamless and easy to work with. I've recommended them to several other companies and will continue to do so.
Emma McCallum
Emma McCallum
16:24 21 Feb 24
We have been using RLF Accountants for some time and are extremely pleased with the service Rob and his team provide. They are professional and helpful, providing valuable accounting advice for all our business requirements. We would definitely recommend them.
Jo Peel
Jo Peel
16:24 21 Feb 24
Working with Rob takes the stress out of my accounts so that I can focus on the job at hand without tying myself in knots. I've recently become VAT registered and he has made me feel so much more relaxed about the process, with clear conversations and great tools to get the job done.
Tom Darlow
Tom Darlow
16:24 21 Feb 24
Starting a company is full of uncertainties - one area where we haven't had to loose sleep is our financial & accounting ops. Rob is there in your darkest hour and there to put you on the right track for tomorrow. A+ service for us at Trunk.
Christian Morrall
Christian Morrall
16:24 21 Nov 23
I've had the pleasure of working with RJF Accountants and specifically Rob for my business accounting needs, and I couldn't be happier. Rob has consistently been accessible and incredibly helpful whenever I've had questions or needed support. His knowledge and dedication have been invaluable to me, and I highly recommend RJF Accountants to anyone in need of expert financial services. Thank you, Rob, for your outstanding assistance!
Stuart Duncan
Stuart Duncan
16:24 21 Jul 23
Worked with Rob and the RJF team for over 2 years. He did our business and directors accounts. Awesome service. Really easy to work, super responsive and with and a whole bunch of extra perks thrown in - love the weekly newsletter with tips and tricks for being more effective as a small business owner. Would gladly work with him again and would highly recommend to all.
Debbie Darling
Debbie Darling
16:24 21 Jul 23
RJF took over the management of my company's accounts in April 2023 and I can't praise Rob highly enough! The collation of my accounts for tax purposes was straightforward and the submissions process was managed perfectly, with payment amounts and due dates provided in a separate, easy to read document. I'm delighted to be working with Rob and the team!
Jay WilliamsJay Williams
12:55 24 Apr 23
Been with RJF for a short time and they have already helped with cashflow and overall financial management
Ken MeaneyKen Meaney
16:13 13 Oct 22
We moved our financial management and reporting to RJF Accountants 12 months ago, we needed more of an outsourced Finance Director to give us deeper knowledge and guidance both locally and internationally. Rob and his team at RJF are experts in their field and take the time to genuinely understand the businesses they support and the people within them.I highly recommend RJF Accountancy to businesses that need more than just a basic accountancy service, we have been entirely satisfied from day one and look forward to a continued relationship with Rob and his team.
Moylan MoylanMoylan Moylan
12:02 07 Oct 22
Thanks to Rob and the team at RJF in getting our first accounts done and filed on time. We are extremely busy and didn't have the time to have everything filed and ready. They pulled out all the stops. Great supportThanks also to Rob for his advice and support especially in relation to various taxation scenarios, EIS and SEISS, other options and opportunities and regulations. Much appreciated.
Judy LeungJudy Leung
14:10 15 Dec 21
I switched to RJF because I needed an accountant who could also offer advice and insight into startup finance and tax related queries, not just deal with the compliance side. I'm extremely pleased I made the move because Rob and his team have been fantastic, always responsive and helpful. It's clear Rob has a lot of experience and is passionate about startup finance and entrepreneurship. I've already referred another business owner to him and am happy to recommend RJF.
Danny RodgersonDanny Rodgerson
20:02 26 Nov 21
Rob and his team are professional, courteous and always friendly. Rob will make the time to reply to all my ramblings - whatever time of day! He's knows how to advise businesses on their accounting needs. I previously referred clients to Rob, but became one myself when I set up alone, and I can now see why they all raved about RJF.

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We are committed to working with you, ensuring a successful business and providing insightful advice at each stage.

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