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We take care of most of the process, making switching accountants simple, so you only have to do three simple things.

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Switching Accountant FAQs

Reasons for changing accountants can vary greatly, but some common ones include dissatisfaction with current services, seeking more personalised attention, requiring additional services, or moving to a different location.

Before changing accountants, you should consider your current situation and if our services match what you are looking for from an accountant. Whilst we make switching accountants an easy process – it is best to know you we are the right fit for you before doing so. 

The process typically involves notifying your current accountant, settling any outstanding fees, selecting a new accountant, and then transferring your financial records over.

No, your financial records are your own property and will remain intact. The new accountant will take over from where the old one left off.

Yes, it is professional courtesy to inform your current accountant about your decision. You will also need to settle any outstanding fees and organise the transfer of your records.

No, they cannot. As per the ethical guidelines set by professional accounting bodies, an accountant cannot withhold client records. However, they can refuse if there are any unpaid fees.