Helping a Tech HR Company Prepare to Raise Finance

We advised this client on changes to their business model
and operations that made it more attractive to investors.

Who was the client?

A HR company providing tech solutions to support businesses to find new employees.

What was the challenge?

The client approached us to review and improve a business plan they had produced to attract investors.

How did we help?

We began by advising the client on how to improve their sales model. The original sales model charged companies a one-off fee for each staff member they hired. Based on our industry experience and knowledge of the investor community, we recommended a subscription-based model as the recurring monthly income would be more attractive to investors.

We also advised the client to protect their intellectual property before seeking any investment, and to appoint a non-exec board to give potential investors confidence that the business had experienced people guiding it.

What was the result?

The client was much better prepared to raise funds and received lots of interest from investors. As their accountants, we were able to support them by putting them in touch with relevant members of our network to join their non-exec board and by meeting with potential investors.

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