Start Ups

We provide accounting and business support to start ups in Manchester across a wide range of industry sectors. Our services can be invaluable to start ups as statistics show that fewer than 25% of new businesses actually succeed. Many of these failures are down to poor cash flow management and weaknesses within the financial framework.

Having a great idea for start up and spotting a gap in the market is only the first step in creating a successful business. The financial side of start ups is just as important, if not more so, but many business owners don’t have the experience, knowledge to time to get to grips with it. Which is fine – we believe that business owners should focus on the actual running of the business whilst we help with the financial side.

Our job is to advise start ups in Manchester on problems or issues that they may not even know exist. Things like the best business models for different types of businesses, how to make a company more attractive to investors, intellectual property protection, accurate financial forecasting, better cash flow management and dealing with cross border transactions.

Many start ups have a wealth of questions that they need answering:

  • What’s needed to form a company?
  • Where do I get start up finance?
  • Why are shareholder agreements important and are they necessary?
  • What do I need to do to be compliant with HMRC?
  • How do I pay myself and what is the most tax efficient way to do this?

And RJF has the answers.

We can highlight ways to make your start up more valuable that other accountants may not consider because of our unique, international industry experience. Our Managing Partner has invested in many start ups and has even previously ran his own start up companies.

If you are a start up business in Manchester, at RJF we can help you by giving you sound business and financial advice; being with you every step of the way as you take your company to the next stage. Contact us to find out more.