What Accounting Services do UK Businesses and Individuals need?

Here are the core accounting services UK businesses and individuals typically need.


Our accounting service is slightly different depending on your business structure, e.g. Limited Company/Sole Trader. Regardless of structure, it always includes everything to keep your business fully compliant with both HMRC and Companies House. We will become your authorised agent and point of contact for the tax authorities, we will actively monitor and keep you updated of all filing and tax payment deadlines, and we will be there to provide any support and advice when you need it. Typically we have same day turnaround times for anything urgent, and c. 48 hour responses for non-urgent queries.

Limited Company

For UK Limited Companies this service includes your Corporation Tax return, your annual statements prepared and submitted to Companies House and HMRC, as well as your yearly Confirmation Statement. We calculate your Corporation Tax liability and advise you how and when to pay it.

Sole Traders

For UK Sole Traders this service includes the preparation and filing of both your sole trading accounts and self assessment tax return to HMRC. We calculate your Income Tax liability and advise you how and when to pay it.

Do I need to do bookkeeping?

Yes, your bookkeeping must be completed to an acceptable standard in order for us prepare your accounts. If you want to guarantee this standard, we recommend using our in-house bookkeeping service (see below). However, if you are able to do your bookkeeping yourself and/or would prefer to use your own external bookkeeper, then is not usually a problem.


Bookkeeping is the process of reconciling and categorising each and every transaction that occurs in your business. Our in-house bookkeeping service includes the setup of your bookkeeping solution on both Xero and Receipt Bank. Our friendly team make set-up easy and will explain how everything works over an initial video-call.  For each marketplace that your business operates in, we will ask you to create a secondary user for us, this way we are able to grab sales data when we need it without having to disturb or bother you, saving you as much time and effort as humanly possible.

For Limited Companies bookkeeping has to be completed in order to prepare a Corporation Tax return. If we are not handling your bookkeeping, we can work with the trial balance from any bookkeeping software you choose to use.


For the VAT service we will prepare and submit VAT returns on your behalf. 

Note, we specialise in UK VAT returns and registrations, and do not offer non-UK VAT services, however, we are happy to refer you to the VAT-houses that have the most consistently positive feedback amongst our client-base. For more on VAT services for global sellers feel free to get in touch.

VAT Registration

If you need to become VAT registered, we will help you decide whether the Flat Rate Scheme or Standard Scheme is appropriate for you business, and register you accordingly.


If you pay an employee a salary you need to report to HMRC on a monthly basis. We can handle this for you, as well as any pension auto-enrolment reporting (which arises if you pay certain employees over the auto-enrolment threshold).


We will handle your annual Self-Assessment obligations for Directors and Individuals. If you are unsure if you have an obligation to file, you can use HMRC’s checker.

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