Late invoices can place a real strain on your business – not only do they disrupt cash flow, but chasing payments can also waste valuable time. And those aren’t the only problems. Overdue invoices can quickly cause friction between you and your client – especially when you’re communicating via email. So how do you ensure your emails are taken seriously without damaging your client rapport?

Throughout this article, we will explore three different email templates that will ensure your payment reminders are both respectful and respected in a bid to tackle your overdue invoices.

Tackling Payment Reminders For Overdue Invoices 3 Email Templates That Work

Send a friendly reminder before the due date 

Arguably, the most effective way to tackle your late invoices is to start taking preventative measures to avoid your invoices becoming overdue in the first place.

By simply sending your customers an early reminder, you’re affording them the time to sort their finances and pay their invoices without any imminent pressure. Similarly, by including all of the necessary information within this email, you’re streamlining the payment process whilst preventing further delay due to missing details.

If your client is experiencing issues that will likely delay their payment, this early reminder will also encourage them to communicate their concerns beforehand. At the very least, this will clarify when you can expect to receive your payment.

Dear [recipients first name] ,

I hope this email finds you well. This is just a reminder that your invoice [invoice reference number] is due on [invoice due date].

If you could kindly acknowledge the receipt of your invoice and clarify when we can expect to receive your payment, we would be very grateful.

A copy of your invoice has been attached below for your convenience. If you need any further information or guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Kind regards,

[senders first name] 

Follow up early overdue payments 

When a client misses their payment (even if only by a few days), you must chase their overdue invoice promptly and politely.

It’s important to remain friendly and polite in these early stages – you don’t want to damage your relationship with your client by being rude or demanding. After all, late invoices can often be down to poor organisation or human error, so don’t immediately assume the worst.

Simply remind them that their invoice is due and that you’re awaiting confirmation of their payment. If late fees are applicable, now is the time to remind them and incentivise action.

Dear [recipients first name],

I hope you’re well. 

I’m emailing to remind you that your invoice [invoice reference number] is due [invoice due date].

I would greatly appreciate it if you could respond to this email clarifying when we can expect the following payment. If you need any assistance, please just let me know.

I have attached the following invoice below for your reference.

Kind regards,

[senders first name]

 Chase late overdue invoices 

If despite your best efforts, your previous emails have elicited no response, it’s time to take a more direct approach. So long as you remain professional, you shouldn’t worry about being perceived as rude or demanding – you have an email chain of friendly reminders to prove otherwise. Clearly outline your expectations in a polite but direct manner – it will remove any ambiguity and incite a sense of urgency for your client. The serious tone should be enough to incentivise client’s to pay their invoice. However, if that isn’t the case, you should consider taking further action, whether that means temporarily ceasing work on their account or seeking legal support.

Dear [recipients first name],

I am emailing to remind you that we are still expecting payment for your invoice [invoice reference number], which was due [invoice due date].

Your invoice is now overdue by [X] days, with an outstanding payment of [amount owed].

We have tried to contact you previously regarding this payment but have yet to receive a response. If you could kindly respond, outlining when we can expect to receive this payment, we would be most grateful.

Again, I have attached the invoice below, detailing all of the information you will need.

 If you need further assistance with this, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,

[senders first name]

Automate your payment reminders 

Whether you’re trying to prevent late payments or need help addressing overdue invoices, these three templates can help you navigate payment reminders with confidence and respect. You can even streamline the process by automating these emails (or your invoices entirely) to relieve any additional strain on your business.

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