Investor Relations

Investment can be an excellent option for unlocking your company’s potential but complications can arise if you don’t have someone dedicated to investor relations.

At RJF in Manchester, we will handle all aspects of your investor relations, from the initial sourcing of investment opportunities, through to communications management, meetings and release of information to relevant sources. It’s all about keeping the flow of information running smoothly.

Because investors often play a key role in the success and growth of a company, it’s vital that investor relations are handled properly. Sometimes this requires a firm hand, and other times it’s a more delicate approach. Every relationship is different and taking it all on yourself can be extremely demanding when other aspects of your business are just as pressing.

Having someone focused on your investor relations gives you peace of mind and allows your concentration to stay on the day-to-day running of your business. At RJF, we provide the freedom for you to focus on business matters, without worrying about your investment. We’ll provide the monthly finance reports that investors will expect, detailing the important financial aspects we know that investors like to be updated about.