Business Valuation Services

If you’re looking for a business valuation specialist in Manchester then we can help.

With decades of experience as accountants, investors, board members and strategic advisors we are well-positioned to appraise and value your unique business.

With our extensive experience, we not only apply the industry-accepted valuation metrics but also recognise the hidden value of a business that others may overlook.

Why value a business?

Valuing a business is something that can be done for a variety of reasons. Some include:

  • You are looking to exit and sell some or part of the business.
  • Shareholders are considering selling some shares.
  • You are a buyer looking to make an offer and you want an estimate of the company value.
  • Divorce, wills or the death of an owner or major shareholder.
  • You are considering financing.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Litigation purposes (to appraise lost revenue/business valuation).
  • Or simply to know the value of your assets.

Clients choose to value a business for many reasons. With the most common being a desire to sell the business and wishing to generate a fair and independent report on the value of the company.

How do you value a business?

This varies significantly depending on your specific business, sector, and particular industry quirks.

Firstly, we will look at the obvious metrics like your turnover, profit margin, and general profitability.

Then we’ll dig into more interesting business-specific data like:

  • What do your expenses look like?
  • Do you have a steady flow of income under contract?
  • How does your new business generation process look?
  • Are you dependent on one employee or one big client?
  • Is there a significant barrier to entry?
  • What will future cash flows look like?
  • What are other companies in your industry valued at?
  • Are there any geographical restrictions on your business?

The list goes on. But in short, we will start often where many valuation companies end, (with the numbers) and then dig out additional sometimes hidden information and data to support a possible change in valuation.

In some cases when asked to perform a valuation we can uncover something stopping you achieving a more desirable result which may only take a few months to correct.

Rest assured, we are here to help you, you won’t find us simply crunching through the numbers and charging you for a templated basic report. We will find the true value.

What does the process look like?

We will usually start by looking at several years of accounts to get a picture of the current business situation.
Is this typical of your business? Can you expect this to continue in the future? What assets does the company hold? How much does the business owner pay themselves?
Are there any obvious costs that can be reduced? (That company Aston Martin lease might not be needed!)
What about any costs that might be incurred by the new owner?

In short, we will get as much information as we can from you at the start of the process and then be in touch throughout to ask questions and discuss anything else we need.

What businesses can be valued?

We will happily value any business… but definitely have a good reputation as a specialist in certain sectors.

Profitable start-ups/scale-ups – Often traditional valuations don’t take into account the growth potential of a startup, particularly in the internet or tech space.
We have several clients on the accounting side of our business so are well-positioned to understand and appreciate the intricacies of startups. How do investors affect the valuation? How much of a role do the founders play? What does the growth rate look like? Has the business got any IP?

Agencies – Our client base is crammed with digital, social, recruitment and media agencies. We know the space inside out and so understand the nuances and valuation quirks in this sector. We have successfully raised finance for several clients and so also appreciate a valuation from an investors perspective.

Websites, software and e-commerce – Another favourite of ours! We are very familiar with modern business models, whether D2C e-commerce (of which we are a part-owner) large scale affiliate websites, through to software, e-learning, content sites and more.

Why choose RJF for your business valuation?

We are a friendly, experienced and professional company. Rob, our partner is not your usual accountant in a suit, he’s a drummer, an occasional charity boxer and has more than a few interesting stories from his years in business!

The goal with a business valuation is not just to produce a valuation report.
Rob and the team will take the time to carefully review your business and highlight areas that might need attention to maximise a valuation if desired.

We also have links with many investors and finance opportunities so can potentially introduce and guide you through that process too if needed.

Our friendly no jargon approach combined with extensive real-world business experience all wrapped in an accountants shell… is well suited to be your primary choice for a business valuation.

Firstly, give us a call for a free no-obligation consultation. Tell us a bit about your business, why you want a valuation and we’ll happily give you a quick quote for the work and tell you how long we expect it will take.

For a business valuation service that truly represents the worth of your business give us a call today.