PIVOT!- ‘Lockdown Proof’ Your Business With These Ideas

Are you sick of lockdowns, uncertainty and however many tiers we are on now? 

Yep, us too…

As we enter the second lockdown across England it’s easy to get disheartened with the seemingly never-ending cycle of lockdowns, restrictions and change in advice.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom, some businesses have used the pandemic to their advantage and have pivoted, adjusted and adapted to ‘lockdown proof’ their business.

Allowing them to not only survive but thrive.

Could you be one of them?

Before we explore some ways in which you and your business could pivot, here are some great examples of companies thinking outside the box.


A US bakery sells “bake at home kits”
A popular bakery in California was particularly hard hit by the lockdown. 

Forced to close with no way to keep money flowing in, the owner was struggling to survive and keep his employees. He’d lost $3m worth of wholesale orders within a few days.
Then he had a brain wave… “home baking is booming, people love our bread. Let’s create home bake kits that we can sell online!”

That’s exactly what he did. 

He put together the kits, created an online store and started to spread the word.

It was a roaring success.

So much so that he branched out into cookies, scones and other goodies. 

COVID is far from over but I suspect when he does reopen his bakery the business will be in a far stronger position because of his pivot.

More revenue from different streams and an insurance policy against another lockdown.

A jewellery store moves to online streaming

Another great pivot story was from a high-end brick and mortar jewellers in China.

Devastated by the lockdown the owners decided to create a virtual streaming store.

The store sales staff became live broadcasters and would live-stream onto a website. Visitors to the store could request to see certain items and interact with the staff almost like a real store but from their home via a tablet/computer.

This became so popular that the company invested in broadcaster training for the sales staff and set up an aggressive commission structure to incentivise sales.

So, what could YOU do with your business?

Take a good few hours, alone, with a pen and paper and your thoughts. There’s a solution in there somewhere!
Each industry will be different, you are the expert in your field, you’ll know what can and can’t be done. Here are some ways other RJF clients and businesses have adapted.

Consulting & Training Online
If you’re in the consulting or training space can you move your operations online?
Or could you put together a new online training program for your industry?
Maybe you’re a digital agency with clients pausing contracts and not renewing due to uncertainty. Perhaps training them to do some of what you do in-house could be somewhere between full service and losing the client altogether?

Online Store

This one is fairly obvious, and with software like Shopify, it’s easier than ever to create a store. 

But often (like the bakery example above) the product isn’t obvious. Perhaps there’s a slight change, or tweak you need to make before you can start to sell online…

Creating an online course or training program

This is something we believe is going to explode even more next year. 

The demand for online learning is already high and it’s set to grow even more due to the pandemic.
Have you got a skill or some specialised knowledge you could share with others in a video course format?

It’s easier than ever to create an online course. A camera, tripod and microphone are pretty much all you need. 

Plan your content, film it and then use a freelancer to make the required edits.
Sell the course via your existing client base or use course websites like Udemy as a ready-made marketplace.

A small SEO firm decided to create an online course sharing some ideas on how to better rank your website on Google. The course sold like crazy! Not only did they have a large recurring revenue from course sales but they also generated a steady flow of leads from people who wanted someone to do the work for them and were happy to pay.


What can you do to adapt? 

You got your business this far through determination, drive and the desire to succeed. A pandemic isn’t going to slow you down! 

As ever we’re here to support and help you however we can.