Data is the world’s greatest currency. We helped a client realise their value for AI SaaS during their quest for investment…

At RJF Accounting & Business Support, we’re often tasked with making a brand fitter for financial backing. The truth remains that investors do want to see certain things – aside from profit, growth plans and market analysis. It’s all about being different.

This was proven when we met a client who had built their own artificial intelligence platform. It was still in the early stages but showed how the business could change and gain value. Initially, however, investors weren’t aware of it. The client needed to tighten their pitch up.

Making Ai A Headline Investment Draw

The Challenge

At first, the client didn’t seem too unique. They held a decent position in their sector yet were far from being seen as a niche prospect. They were using a marketing agency’s service, but there just wasn’t much to distinguish them.

After a few investment rounds, they’d come back with nothing. A referral took them to us for advice and a second perspective.

AI tech was crucial to their business; they’d created an original system, which can tell them how many users visited their site, what they bought, or where they dropped out of the sales funnel. All of this is a strong case for investment. The problem was, that case wasn’t being made.

To hire more staff, reach more customers and expand into a new office, the client knew they could rely on us to streamline their value offer. RJF come from a real-world business background. We’ve pitched ourselves, and had a firm idea of what to do…

The Outcome

We began by educating the client on how else their platform could be applied – for example, assessing keywords to generate money, and dictating best practices for advertising based on previous successes. Eventually, they could charge for this service.

At the same time, the AI could be used in their own marketing, saving their budget spend on Google Ads that didn’t reach a target audience. It would also reduce staff costs as the client wouldn’t need to hire as many people to raise profit.

Most of our work focused on pushing the SaaS benefits, which investors were very keen to see. We spent one day a week with them for a year until their investment pitch was perfect.

Soon enough, the client attracted an investor who granted £500,000 for their new business strategy. We were told that our financial and legal knowledge sped the whole process up by a significant degree. We wish them the very best for the future.

If you’re unsure how to rethink your positioning of existing tech and resources for investment, speak to the RJF team for support.

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