Giving Back

I believe that every business has the power to change lives. Even if you are small business like us! We want to make life better for our clients, by the work we do for them, and how we do it.  We also want to make life better for people we may never meet, and in places, I may never travel to.

In order to do this, RJF have signed up to B1G1 and will be donating for every good thing that happens to our business.  It’s only a small step, but it’s the small things that make the difference.  We do not have the CSR budgets that huge corporations have, but we can do what we can.  You can see our impacts so far by scrolling down.

We will be giving to causes close to our heart for every good thing that happens in our business.

For Example:

When a new client chooses to work with us, we provide 2 days of business training for survivors of gender-based violence through The Mango Tree Orphan Support Trust in Africa.

This is a close to our founders’ heart, Rob. His Nana suffered domestic violence and told her story in a book called, “For All of My Life” which is a remarkable story of a resilient and spirited woman who despite being disowned by her family for marrying a black man embarked on a journey across England, Cyprus and to a region of Africa described at the time as the white man’s grave. The marriage was disastrous, not because of race, but because she had married a man with immense potential for deceit and violence. Indeed, it was through the crossing of racial boundaries that she found her main sources of support. You can find the book on Amazon here

His Aunty, Adele Jones runs the None in Three charity for gender based violence too.

Here are some other actions that you can do either as clients or contacts that will provide support to worthy causes. Who thought that handing your receipts in time could have such an impact on someone’s life!

For every 5 star review, we provide 1 day of business training for a survivor of gender-based violence.

When you refer us to someone that becomes a client, we give 2 days access to social entrepreneurship education to students in the Philippines.

When You complete the Self-Assessment Check list form by July 31st, we provide 1 day of bookkeeping training for a woman in Zambia.

When you send in your receipts by 7th working day of the following month, we provide 1 day of bookkeeping training for a woman in Zambia.