Coming out of COVID with a stronger business

As lockdown starts to lift across the UK the government has shifted messaging and is encouraging people to get back to work, start spending and get the economic wheels turning again. 


It’s been challenging and sadly we’ve seen many businesses fall by the wayside and jobs lost. 


But it’s not all doom and gloom here! If you’re still in business there’s a good chance you can come through all this in a much stronger position… 


New ways to work


The working from home movement forced business owners to rethink the way they operate. Leveraging on tools like Zoom, Callrail and Slack employees were able to still effectively work remotely. Business owners we’ve talked too have often been pleasantly surprised at the productivity and effectiveness of remote working for certain staff.


Of course, that’s not applicable for everyone, but as we come out of lockdown several businesses are reconsidering the need for big offices. 


Do all your employees need to be in the office every day?


Fully remote may not be quite right for many but a hybrid model giving your staff the option to split time between home and the office looks set to be very popular moving forward.


Office space deals


That brings us to actual office space rent. If you’re not locked into an agreement already now’s a great time to be negotiating for office space. 

Many of the newer serviced office-type buildings are running at low capacity often meaning there are deals to be done.


Now could be the perfect opportunity to downsize your office and reduce your outgoings.


A great solution for many companies could be to have a smaller office for management/owners and utilise shared desks/co-working space in the building for when your employees want to come into work rather than work from home.

Try asking your staff how they’d prefer to work moving forward and consider how that fits in with your business needs.


Streamline your digital offering


Just like the home working scenario, many businesses have been forced into thinking outside the box when it comes to serving customers online.

We’ve seen some great innovation in this area and again we are all fortunate to have access to some great tools and technology to be able to do this.


Think about how you can pivot to a digital product or use technology to serve customers better.


Examples we’ve seen are:


  • Car dealerships offering a click and collect service and pushing resources into digital sales teams away from showroom based sales.


  • A personal trainer who created an online coaching program delivered via Zoom to train clients in both one to one and group boot camp type settings.


Each was designed out of a necessity to keep some cash flow coming in during lockdown but now may create an additional source of revenue for each business once a more normal economic environment starts to return.


If you need any help advice or assistance don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to help and specialise in start-ups and scale-ups.