On your marks. Get ready. File – the race to get your tax return finished has started

Tax season is looming. We give some top tips for completing your tax return, including the tax deadlines you need to know about. This year hasn’t exactly been the one we were all expecting. To protect lives, we’ve been forced into accepting a new kind of normal. Our working lives have also changed dramatically. For […]

7 Ways Rishi Sunak Can Kickstart The British Economy Back Into Life

Governments all over the world are desperately trying to mitigate the impact of lockdowns on business owners and individuals. In the UK we’ve seen loans, grants, tax deferrals and more measures implemented by Rishi Sunak in an attempt to keep the economy going. But we think he’s missing some important areas.  Here are 7 ways […]

How to help support your employees through the current global crisis

As most working professionals spend a third of their time at work, it’s been a massive adjustment for the millions of people who have had to start working from home. With many other stressors and worries piled on top of this, it’s no surprise then that this has had a major impact on the health, […]

How to adapt your marketing to turbulent times

Every business is on a three-step journey: survive, adapt, and thrive. ( By the way you can buy accounting packages on our website for each step of that journey!- http://rjf.uk.com/manchester-accountant-prices/.) Before COVID-19 hit, many were adapting or had adapted and were thriving, only to be thrown backwards to tread water once it did. With the […]