Technology & data analysts

Who they are:

Technology & data analysts that use state of the art sonar techniques in survey technology and data analytics to change the way millions of kilometres of pipe network infrastructures are kept fit for purpose.

How we helped:

Due to RJF’s experience of working with tech companies, both investing in and selling them, we were able to advise on a change of business model that would be much more suitable for this company.
To make the company more valuable to investors and to ensure more regular cash flow, it was moved from a manufacturing and engineering firm to a Software as a service (SaaS) business.

Having worked with many startups where cash is often tight, we were able to control the finances  by proper budgeting and forecasting.

By reporting on actual spend against forecasts we helped with micro managing the cash flow during periods when cash flow was an issue. We used tools including Xero, Live Plan, Fathom and Float to help with this, which enabled us to streamline the cash flow process and provide real time information.

The results:

● RJF has helped raise £2m in funding.
● Management of funds on behalf of the North West Fund who invested in the company.
● Better cash flow management and streamlined processes through tools such as Xero, Live Plan, Fathom and Float.