Online Retailer

Who they are:

Online retailer who design and sell men’s shirts – made to last.

How we helped:

This online retailer pays for a standard accountancy package. However, they were looking for investment and were approached by an investor who had several accountancy questions that the company needed help answering.

Rather than risk losing the investment, RJF were asked to speak directly to the investor. After looking at the finance plan drawn up by their previous accountant it was clear that it would not satisfy any investor as it did not show assumptions for an online business, there was no financial scenario planning and no stock turnover.

Having previously worked as FD and investor for an e-commerce fashion business, RJF were able to draw up a new finance plan that would satisfy the investor’s queries. The new plan included forecast numbers and financial scenarios including:

● Assumptions for sales based on expected site visits
● Type of stock to be sold
● Expected return rates

RJF were in a unique position as most accounting practices wouldn’t be able to offer this advice as they wouldn’t have been involved in the day-to-day running of an e-commerce fashion business.

The results:

This online retailer received their desired investment due to RJF’s new finance plan and the investor had confidence that his money would be well invested.