Getting the right accountant by your side is essential to gaining the most effective insights, and the best benefits to help drive your business forward. Through helping to efficiently analyse data and supply strategic advice to support complex company decisions, your accountant should feel like another partner for your business. They can be an invaluable resource that you shouldn’t let go to waste. Whether you’re in the process of finding one or have recently made a decision on your chosen accountant – take a look at these key steps to make sure you get the most out of them…

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Accountant

Get the Right One

Do your research and get strong references when selecting your accountant, make sure they are a strong fit for your business. Ensure you choose an accountant who has worked for similar companies in your sector before, and has gained the essential expertise in that industry – this will be a good indication that they will fully understand the specific needs of your business. Always look for someone who will be able to work continuously with you as a partner, as your business grows and develops.

Take Advantage of Their Advice

Accountants who have experience working for small companies and start-ups will often have a deeper understanding of everything from cost control to pricing strategies. Whenever you’re facing a particular problem or challenge, don’t just rely on them to do your taxes or manage your bookkeeping. Instead, make sure to inform them and get full use of their input, even if the situation is not directly related to numbers.   

Keep In Contact

Remember, your accountant should be there for you whenever you need them – don’t limit your contact to the tax season once a year. Arrange meet ups more often, quarterly or even monthly. This will not only help them to accurately monitor how your business is doing throughout the year, it will also ensure you don’t miss out on any potentially vital and timely recommendations.

Necessitate Their Networks

Many advanced accountants will have connections to a wider network of potential contacts, that could be lucrative to your business. Make sure to look into any networking layer of like minded professionals and industry contacts, that your accountant could set up a meeting with.  The accountant may also work with clients in a rich variety of other fields, who could still be useful to get to know. Without overdoing it, you could always ask your accountant directly to make the introductions, to discover how you can help each other.   

Use Them to Free Up Your Time

A lot of start-ups and small businesses will get an accountant to deal with just one or two areas of their business. Why not seek more support? By getting your accountant to take on more work for you – it will give you more free time to really focus on other aspects of making your company a success, like the acquisition of new clients, and the overall growth strategy of the business.  

These are just a few ways that you can get the best results out of your chosen accountants – by utilising the valuable tools and knowledge they have to offer, you will soon see how your chances of success will be greatly improved. So why not make the most of what is available to you? By making the right choice with RJF…

We Are More Than Just Accountants

At RJF, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for you – and our proactive Manchester accounting services won’t just settle with giving you a spreadsheet every quarter, with your incomings and outgoings. No – we will make you feel as though you have your own dedicated department for accountancy and finance. We’ll evolve with you as the needs of your business change, and offer all the help and advice you require to make your business more efficient and more profitable.

We Endeavour to Offer Extra

As well as getting the peace of mind that a professional accountant is taking care of all the crucial financial aspects of your business, from bookkeeping to pensions – you will also be able to take advantage off all the extra services we can offer you. Including:

  • Investment modelling
  • Raising finance
  • Growth planning
  • Investor relations

From creative agencies and contractors, to technology companies, all in Manchester – we can be the accountancy solution you’ve been searching for. At RJF, our knowledge will be your business advantage.

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