5 Ways To Generate New Business In A Post COVID Economy

Right now at the time of writing lockdown is lifted, and businesses are trying to regain some sense of normality in a very different environment.


For some sectors lockdown has been a blessing in disguise, but for most others, it’s been challenging to say the least.


So how can you reignite customer interest in your business without spending a fortune? 


1 – Use your existing customer base


Customers already paying and using you are a good place to start when looking for additional revenue. 

A special offer for a longer commitment or more of the product/service you offer can help boost cash flow.


Use an existing email list, get your sales team on the phone or send handwritten letters are all good ways of reaching out.


2 – Referrals


Sticking with the theme of leveraging on your existing customer base, try asking for referrals. That can be via email if you like but there’s nothing better than calling a customer, having a conversation and asking them if they know of anyone who might be interested in your service or product.


“Can you think of 2 people you know who would really benefit from using us?”


It might seem a bit direct, but actually asking them to think about someone right there and then significantly increases your chance of a good referral. 

How many times have been asked for a referral by a business you use and like, and then never got round to it…


3 – Online Ads


I know I know… your immediate reaction is “no way, I don’t want to spend anything right now!” but at the moment online adverts are cheap, the competition is less and you can try out a small campaign with a very low budget.


Not got the expertise internally or the budget for an ad agency? 

Don’t worry. Sites like and allow you to find a freelancer who can work on a project basis. They’ll create a campaign and manage it for you for a fraction of the price of an agency. 

Granted if you were spending more it makes more sense to pay an agency to get the results you want, but for a cheap tester campaign, it might be worth a try.


4 – Social Media


Not much is free these days but posting on social media is!
Show people what your company is all about, who you are and what you do. Add value and share knowledge about your industry. 

You don’t need to make it a sales pitch, no one is going to watch that… but make it personal, make it interesting and you can slowly build a reputation as a thought leader in your industry. 


TIP: YouTube is great for sharing information about a specific query related to your industry.


5 – Facebook Groups & Forums


Facebook groups and internet forums are still hives of activity where likeminded people interested in a specific niche congregate.


Think outside the box here, what groups of people might be looking for your services? Maybe it’s Jewellers? Car owners? Plumbers? Dentists? There are groups for almost anything you can think of, so don’t just focus on the small business groups (which tend to be full of everyone selling anyway!)


Provide value, answer questions, become a useful addition to the group and soon enough you’ll be front of mind for potential customers.


As always, if you need any help or advice don’t hesitate to call or email us.