Investment Modelling

Through investment modelling we can forecast your likely return on investment and help you clearly understand the impact of your decisions before committing to them. Our investment modelling paints a picture of the future of your business in a reliable and understandable way.

A sound investment model uses flexible presumptions that can be altered to gain insight into business opportunities and risks, so you can assess different options and improve decision making.

Many businesses are unaware of what investors are looking for and so they are often unprepared and lose out on vital investment. At RJF, we know exactly what investors are looking for having invested in many businesses before. Our invaluable experience means we can prepare your business for successful investment; preparing business plans that outline every single thing a potential investor will look for before placing their money somewhere.

Through investment modelling, we can help and advise on:

  • Business valuation

  • Scenario planning and decision making

  • Capital budgeting

  • Financial statement analysis

  • Project finance

We’ll present the information to you in a simple and digestible way so you are able to make swift but decisive plans for the future of your business. With a fresh perspective and key insights into the nature of your industry, every step you take will be the right one.